Commercial Destruction & Recycling Services

Decommissioning/Destruction Recycling Services

Certified decommissioning/destruction recycling services for obsolete, damaged, recalled goods, and equipment. Metal material capturing and recycling.

  • Military, industrial, commercial and consumer decommissioning and recycling of heavy, commercial, and retired equipment and warehouse systems.
  • Live, Video taped or pictures witnessing of decommissioning
  • Insurance decommissioning
  • Construction and Demolition job site recycling and Consulting
  • Warehouse decommissioning/ destruction recycling
  • Destruction/Decommissioning consulting services
  • Military items and equipment certified decommissioning
  • Mobile home destruction
  • State wide mobile car crushing and hauling
  • Certified insurance items and vehicle recycling and decommissioning
  • Construction sites clean up and recycling
  • Private and consumer client recycling services
  • Fleet vehicle decommissioning and recycling
  • Private trash hauling
  • C&D metal material recycling consulting
  • EScrap consulting, decommissioning and recycling services for corporate, private and government clients.Cell phones, laptops, servers, hard drives and various other EScrap items.
  • Data Center Deconstruction
Destruction Recycling Services

We are the ONLY RCI registered recycler in Arizona and our clients can receive double the LEEDs credits when recycling with us.

About We Buy Scrap

We Buy Scrap is a female-owned scrap metal recycling facility in Phoenix that serves the communities of Maricopa County, Arizona. We buy and recycle metals of all types, shapes, and sizes. Our metal scrap facility is equipped to handle small loads of household metal scrap, and large industrial/commercial scrap metal salvage, and we specialize in C&D metal materials, as well as the deconstruction of unused industrial and commercial equipment. We buy metals at the highest prices and have a reputation in the Valley of the Sun as being fair, honest and professional. Our company is an RCI – Recycling Certification Institute registered recycling facility for LEEDS credits, and members of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries – ISRI, both national and Rocky Mountain chapters, and the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association CDRA.

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