Welcome to We Buy Scrap!

We Buy Scrap is a metal recycling and scrap metal yard in Phoenix, AZ with three locations to serve the communities of Maricopa County, Arizona. We buy and recycle metals of all types, shapes and sizes. Our metal scrap yard is equipped to handle small loads of household metal scrap and large loads of commercial scrap metal salvage. We buy metals at the highest prices and have a reputation in the Valley of the Sun as being fair, honest and professional.


Consumers, as well as small business owners, can support our metal recycling effort by bringing their unwanted metal scrap to a company like We Buy Scrap. In 2009 alone, the U.S. exported 38 million tons of scrap commodities valued at $21.4 Billion. Iron and Steel are among the most exported commodities and have increased in volume since the beginning of the economic recession. Recycling at We Buy Scrap is a way to keep export dollars in the State of Arizona and fuel our local economy. Thinking of scrapping your car, truck or van? We buy salvage and junk cars for cash through Sell Us Your Car Online.


Scrap metal recycling is perfect for businesses such as mechanics, plumbers, contractors and electricians who frequently salvage metal from homes and commercial buildings that might otherwise end up in the landfill. By selling salvaged metal to a scrap metal yard, a business can increase their bottom line while reducing harmful effects on the environment. As one of the most competitively priced buyers of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, We Buy Scrap continually monitors market conditions to establish fair pricing at all levels of service.