Recycling Tips

Get in and out faster!  Follow these tips for faster metal recycling transactions at any We Buy Scrap location.

  • Remove ALL Rubber, Plastic and Wood from Metal Pieces
  • Hose off Car Radiators
  • Steel Screws off Aluminum Doors and Car Parts

Attention Customers!  We Buy Scrap adheres to all Arizona State Recycling standards and regulations.  Please be prepared to comply with the following regulations when visiting any of our locations valleywide.

State Regulations

NO Stripped Copper

Aluminum Wire

Flammable/Hazardous Materials (Gas, Oil, Propane, Munitions, etc.)

Tickets with material over $300 will be paid by check unless it is Aluminum Cans or Ferrous Materials.

Metal is Ferrous (Steel, Iron, Tin, etc.), or Non-Ferrous (Copper, Aluminum, etc.)

FOR NON-FERROUS PURCHASES: Please have a valid U.S. issued identification card, Military or Tribal I.D. cards for tickets over $25 (unless redeeming on cans & steel).

Magnet Test! 
To find out if your metals are ferrous or non-ferrous, simply grab a magnet and see if it will stick to the item.  If it sticks, it is ferrous.  If it doesn’t stick, it is non-ferrous.  For more information on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, check out What We Buy.

*We do not accept any radioactive, volatile, corrosive, highly flammable, explosive, infectious, toxic or hazardous materials.