Scrap Steel

Recycling Scrap Steel

Millions of tons of scrap steel products are recycled to create new steel products. The North America steel recycling mills recycle steel cans, automobiles, appliances, construction materials and much more at the end of their useful period. All steel products contain some recycled stainless steel scrap. Steel recycling is an essential part of making many kinds of products, be it steel guard rails and bridges or household electric appliances and gadgets. Steel is temperature resistant and corrosion and abrasion resistant. Steel recycling is also highly cost effective.


The Importance Of Scrap Steel Recycling

Scrap steel is the most recycled product in the world and in the United States alone, it is recycled more than plastic, aluminum, glass, and paper combined. Steel recycling lowers the cost of the items made with it and reduces the impact producing new steel can create on the environment. There are two types of steel recycling furnaces for creating new steel from stainless steel scrap. The oxygen furnace uses about 25% steel scrap to make steel and the electric arc furnace recycles 90% of it to manufacture new steel products. Apart from the steel furnaces, iron foundries also use 75% in iron products.


Recycling Steel

We Buy Scrap is aScrap Steel Yard for RecyclingMany States in the country have made it mandatory to recycle this product to produce new appliances. Some of the steel products that contain recycled steel include construction materials for residential and commercial purposes, bridges, fire hydrants, file cabinets, guard rails, desks, back hoes, cars, cans and much more. The steel recycling process helps save energy that is equal to energy needed to give power to about 18 million households for a year. Every individual can contribute scrap steel to making the environment greener by sending the stainless steel scrap products they feel can be recycled.


Where To Take Your Steel For Recycling

There are companies that buy this metal from individuals at a good price. The steel recycling database that you visit online provides information about the locations where the scrap steel materials, cars, household appliances and other scrap metal can be dropped off. The companies collect all kinds of steel scrap and sell it to plants. The stainless steel scraps are separated according to grades. The scrap steel is of good quality and is used to produce high quality new steel products in a hassle free manner. steel scraps are perfect raw materials for a whole range of high quality steel products, including aerospace products and pharmaceutical equipment.


Steel Salvage Yard

Constant efforts are made by the country’s steel making industry to reduce its harmful impact on the environment. Newer steel making processes with scrap steel are constantly developed to decrease the emission of harmful gases. Since 1990, it has reduced harmful emissions by 27 percent. The recycled products that use old scrap steel are in no way inferior and the quality of steel never diminishes. There is no loss of performance and it is sustainable.



The latest in technology and scientific innovations are constantly employed by highly experienced and skilled experts at We Buy Scrap to discover newer efficient methods to recycle that help get the maximum out of steel scrap and minimize its harmful impact on the environment.

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