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Selling Scrap Metal in Tempe AZ

We Buy Scrap Metal has three scrap yards in Maricopa County, Arizona. The company specializes in buying all kinds of scrap metal from both individuals and corporations. This particular scrap yard makes it easy for anyone in the local area to not only dispose of their scrap metal in an environmentally friendly fashion but also get paid for doing so. One can find out more about the company at or read on to find out how to sell various types of metals to the junk yard.


Selling scrap metal in Tempe, AZ to the junk yard is not at all difficult. We Buy Scrap will accept metallic items made from stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, nickel, lead, gold and silver. The size, shape, age and condition of the items in question do not matter. Some of the many metallic items that We Buy Scrap is willing to buy include sinks, motors, cans, door frames, racks, shelves and even air conditioners and condensers.


How to Recover the Metal

Scrap Metal Recycling from We Buy ScrapMetal can be salvaged from a home, factory or business. The process of salvaging the metal varies, depending on the nature of the metal to be salvaged. Junk cars can be sold in their entirety, after a person has removed the seats, upholstery and other non-metallic parts. A homeowner who is renovating his or her home should set aside metal items for the scrap yard. An industry may want to load large, unused metal machines onto a large truck to be transported to the junk yard. The cost of any given item depends solely on how much it weights, although it should be noted that items made using two or more different kinds of metal will not fetch a high price.


How is the Metal Recycled?

The cost of any metallic item depends on how much it weighs, not what it does or what condition it is in. Once We Buy Scrap has purchased metal items, these items are then sorted so that different types of metals are not mixed together. The metals are then melted down so that new metallic items can be made. This benefits the environment in a number of ways. First of all, melting and reshaping recycled metal uses much less water and energy than melting and shaping virgin metal. Additionally, it is important to note that mining metal not only pollutes water but also the air. Reusing scrap metal helps to keep the air and water clean for future generations.


Roll Off Container Service

We Buy Scrap also offers a roll off container service. This service is especially ideal for a company or industry that produces a great deal of scrap metal on a regular basis. Roll off containers can be obtained from We Buy Scrap; these are filled with metal and then picked up the scrap yard for recycling purposes. The metal is paid for by check at the time it is picked up and new, empty containers are provided to replace the ones that are being taken. We Buy Scrap offers 20, 30 and 40 yard bins that are available for use seven days a week, 365 days a year.


How to Join Metal Recycling Efforts

It is not hard to join We Buy Scrap’s metal recycling efforts. An industry can start by collecting and selling its scrap metal to We Buy Scrap on a regular basis. An individual can start by accumulating metallic items and then selling them to the scrap yard. Additionally, a person can spread the word, encouraging others to not only protect the environment by recycling scrap metal but also make money by doing so.



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