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How To Sell Scrap Metal In Arizona

Selling scrap metal in Arizona is not at all difficult. The company We Buy Scrap in Phoenix, AZ is a well known scrap yard that is more than willing to purchase various types of metal from individual sellers, companies and industries. We Buy Scrap is licensed in the state of Arizona, handles all metals in a manner that is  compatible with state laws and offers a great deal of helpful information on its website, Following is an overview of what metals the company will buy and why metal recycling is so important.


Which Metals can be Sold?

Scrap metal recycling offered by We Buy ScrapWe Buy Scrap will purchase almost anything that is made out of metal. Junk metals that can be sold for cash include aluminum, steel, copper, brass, gold and silver. Cars, car parts, old metal machines, kitchenware, cans, racks, metal shelves, door and more should not be thrown in the regular garbage can, as they can be turned into cash by selling them to We Buy Scrap. However, it is important to note that this particular scrap yard will not buy certain metallic items. Such items include stripped copper wiring, items that are radioactive in any way and flammable items such as firearms.


How to Salvage Scrap Metal

Salvaging junk metal may take a bit of worth, but the profits make it well worth the effort. A junk car should be taken apart, as various parts of the car are made using different types of metal. If the car can still be driven, a person may want to drive the car to the junk yard and take it apart after arriving.  Metallic items that are made using other materials such as glass, wood or plastic will need to be taken apart, as junkyards only accept items made from pure metal.


How is Metal Recycled?

Metal is generally recycled by melting it down. The molten metal is then resold to manufacturers, who in turn use it to create new metal items. However, the metal must be sorted by type before it can be melted, as different metals have different melting temperatures.


Melting and reusing scrap metal benefits the environment greatly. The process of mining metal produces both water and air pollution, so salvaging scrap metal can help to keep water and air clean. It is also important to note that the water and energy used to recycle metal is significantly less than the energy and water used to reshape virgin metal.


Roll Off Containers

Companies that produce a great deal of scrap metal should consider using roll off containers. These containers come in various sizes, ranging from 20 to 40 yards in diameter. The containers are provided by We Buy Scrap, filled with junk metal by the company and then picked up by the junk yard on a regular basis. New containers are provided to replace the old ones being collected. The roll off containers can be used on either a temporary or permanent basis.


How to Join We Buy Scrap’s Recycling Efforts

A local business can join We Buy Scrap’s metal recycling efforts by taking the time to sort through and sell off its scrap metal. Individuals can sell metal items as needed to the junk yard and encourage friends and relatives to do the same. Anyone who passes by a garbage pile and sees large metal items can feel free to collect these items and bring them to the junk yard for sale.



Partnering with We Buy Scrap in Phoenix AZ will not only help a company and/or individual earn money but also greatly benefit the environment by helping to keep air and water clean and reduce energy usage.

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