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Scrap Metal Salvage Yard at We Buy ScrapOne good thing about metal is that it never breaks. Sure, the door frame or engine block or pipe fittings might not work anymore, but the metal that they are made us is still just fine. This presents a great opportunity for creative businessmen, and that is where we come in. Manufacturers have learned that when they need raw materials to pour into their molds or bend on their machines, using recycled metal is a great way to cut overhead. Indeed, why pay a premium at the smelter when perfectly good discarded metal is all around us? Not only that, but recycling scrap metal in Mesa, AZ reduces environmental damage from mining as well as the amount of trash that goes into landfills. The best part is that our business model lets us pay you for your scrap so that we can sell it to big manufacturers. Our name says it all: we buy scrap. You win, we win, manufactures win, and the environment wins: everybody is happy.


Different Kinds Of Scrap Metals

There are many different kinds of Mesa AZ scrap metals, but we can handle almost anything you can throw at us. The two basic categories are ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals contain iron – the most common is steel. Most of the ferrous scrap we see comes to us in the form of old cars and car parts, household appliances, construction materials and so on. Non-ferrous metals are everything else including copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, etc. In this category, we see everything from copper pipe to electronics to beverage cans. If you are not sure, use a magnet. Ferrous metals will attract the magnet while non-ferrous metals will not. There are a few kinds of scrap metal Mesa, AZ that we cannot accept by law. These include TV and computer monitors, and anything that could potentially explode like aerosol cans, vehicles or machines with un-drained fluids, fire arms, beer kegs, and so on. For a complete list, check out our site at


Benefits To Recycling Scrap

Because we are set up to receive a wide range of scrap metal types, we are a fantastic resource for contractors, engineers, and independent business people. We have designed our business so that you can easily transform your bulky waste into extra profit. Anyone who is remodeling a home or office building should keep us in mind. You might be surprised at how profitable all those metal fixtures and broken appliances can be. Likewise, we can help industrial operations trim their overhead by offering to buy their cast off materials. Trimmings from the stamping machine, for example, can be sold to directly to us. Recent studies show that there is enough cast off metal in circulation to supply industry for some time to come. We are well positioned to be an important link in this chain.


There are also significant environmental benefits to scrap recycling in Mesa, AZ. By reusing existing materials, there is a reduced need for production processes that have harmful ambient effects. Transportation, refining, repackaging, mining, and other parts of the process are also reduced of eliminated. Instead of spending money and resources on these harmful steps, recycling is a clean and profitable way to fill the need for raw materials. The US netted over 24 billion dollars in 2009 exporting scrap metal. Not only that, but exports actually increased during the economic troubles. To us that is clear proof that our services add value to the industry.


How To Profit From Metal Salvage

The best way to turn your scrap into profit with a minimum of effort is to utilize a roll-off container at your work site. We manage an efficient and professional service to handle container pick ups and drop offs. They will deliver a container empty and bring it to us full. All you have to do is toss in your scrap and collect a check. This is an excellent opportunity for tradesmen like plumbers, mechanics, and so on. What better way to effortlessly turn your trash into cash? Likewise, roll off containers are ideally suited for large scale demolition or high volume manufacturing. With a container on site, it is easy to sort out scrap metal quickly and easily without wasting man hours.


The next time you find that you have extra scrap metal Mesa, AZ, give us a call. We will help you transform that heavy load of garbage into dollars and cents. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you. In the end, this lets you make money from nothing, we grow our business and gainfully employ dozens of Arizona residents, and the environment benefits from a gentler industrial impact.



We feel sure that we can help you streamline your business by recycling scrap metal in Mesa, AZ. Now with our convenient locations, it is easier than ever.

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