Metal Recycling Maricopa County

Different Maricopa County Metal Recycling Processes

With the constant increase in production, advancement in technology and growth of consumer base, most natural resources are becoming depleted. This calls for the application of resource conservation technics. There are several ways through which resources are reserved. Metal recycling in Maricopa County is one of them.


Maricopa County Metal recycling Services


Metal Recycling Center We Buy ScrapMining, refining and molding metal is very expensive. Moreover, it involves the use of other useful resources such as petroleum and electricity. Therefore, conserving metal not only reserves metal ores, but also oil reserves as well as electrical energy.


Metal recycling Maricopa County is practiced in many localities. There are several companies that recycle metal in Arizona. We Buy Scrap is a good example of such firms. It serves Maricopa County, AZ, where it offers recycling services for all types, shapes and sizes of metals. Here are some of the recycling services it offers.



Aluminum recycling in Maricopa

Scrap aluminum can be easily reused in products. The process of aluminum recycling involves re-melting the metal. This is cheaper than creating new aluminum through electrolysis of aluminum oxide, which is mined from bauxite ore. Recycling requires 95% lesser energy. Due to this, a great percentage of the aluminum used the US comes from recycled scrap.


Process For Copper recycling

Copper is a metal that is used in numerous industrial processes. In fact it is the third leading metal after iron and aluminum, when it comes to usage. Since copper usage is increasing drastically, it is important to ensure that the copper ores are reserved. This is done through recycling. Maricopa County copper recycling is normally recycled into wires and other conductors.


Maricopa County Brass recycling Types

Brass is not an element mental. However, it is commonly used and described as one. It is an amalgam of copper and zinc. Since its constituent elements are being depleted at an alarming rate, it is better and more economical for brass recycling. There are three kinds of brass: yellow, red and semi-red brass. They all have different compositions. Each of them is recycled separately. Therefore, it is important to sort them beforehand.


Recycling is an intricate process. It involves several steps. They include sorting, melting, forming ingots and molding. The molding process involves shaping the metals into the desired form, such as sheets, wires and solid blocks. The form depends on the end user specifications.



Firms like We Buy Scrap in Maricopa County have the necessary resources to perform the require tasks. That is why it is advisable to take scrap metal to them, instead of recycling it at home.

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